This is us...unfiltered raw hunting.

Hunting is about more than scores and points. Its about the true lifestyle of something that has been inside us all since the beginning of time........Hunting to provide. The men and women of Reaper Archery strive to produce videos and content from their adventures to share with anyone and everyone interested. We show you how it went down, no tricks. If one of us miss a shot we show it, we show you how it went down despite the outcome, because that's real hunting. People miss shots and not everyone kills 200’’ deer.

Matt Fryer

Matt grew up in the southwest Missouri/southeast Kansas area.


Bo Davenport

Bo Davenport grew up in a small town just outside of College Station, Texas.


Marion Kopf

Marion was born and raised in the great state of Texas.


Rhonda Davenport

Rhonda Davenport grew up in the small town of Waller, Texas (right outside of Houston, Texas). 


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